Send your Israeli family a special gift!

Want to send something more personal to your Israeli family? Well, we’re happy to help!

Send them a nice heartwarming present to make their day, put a smile on their face, and make their week a little sweeter.

We have put together a list of websites that deliver around Israel.

Please get in touch with your Israeli coordinator for your Israeli family’s address and if you have any questions or issues.

Step One
Step Two
Step Three
Step Four
You'll need an address. Ask your Israeli family what their address is and tell them you want to send them something.
Pick a link and select a present to purchase for them.
Fill in all the necessary information. It's important to make sure to fill in the shipping address with the one for your family. When they will ask you at check out for a phone number attach the number of the Israeli family.
Check out and wait for a message from the Israeli family after they received your gift. Thank you!

Gift Card



שם: Name
שם משפחה: Last name
‏כתובת: Address
‏טלפון: Phone number
‏רחוב: Street name
‏עיר: City
‏מיקוד: Zip code
‏דירה: Apartment- if the Family lives in apartment you will need to add the floor and apartment number
‏כתובת מייל: Email
‏תשלום: Payment
‏הוסף לסל: Add to cart
‏הערות: Comments

When you do something with all your heart, everyone feels it.

I was very happy to meet you You look like an amazing family And how fun that we are now an extended family!
Good morning dear man. I didn't have time to say… Congratulations on this blessed initiative. We had an amazing conversation with amazing people. Really fun! Thank you!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Really happy and strengthens us these days ❤
Ariel Shamir
A really big and indulgent fruit delivery was sent to our house! What a heartwarming surprise!
Ziva Chaim
משפחה למשפחה





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