Pitum Haktoret

Send Pitum Haktoret for Chayalim

To send a special pitum haktoret to our brave soldiers:
follow the link,
donate over $300,
and in the comments section write: ‘For Pitum Haktoret.’ You will get a confirmation email within 24 hours.

We will make sure to send it to soldier, wherever he is and we will make sure they will be reading it as well.

Pitum Haktoret

When you do something with all your heart, everyone feels it.

I was very happy to meet you You look like an amazing family And how fun that we are now an extended family!
Good morning dear man. I didn't have time to say… Congratulations on this blessed initiative. We had an amazing conversation with amazing people. Really fun! Thank you!
Thank you very much from the bottom of my heart. Really happy and strengthens us these days ❤
Ariel Shamir
A really big and indulgent fruit delivery was sent to our house! What a heartwarming surprise!
Ziva Chaim
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