Join the project that aims to connect the Jewish world for a unified future.

We invite you to join the “OurMishpacha” project, which connects Jewish families in Israel and abroad.

Unity among the people of Israel is critical during this unique period.

Together, we can overcome challenges and rebuild life in Israel. Many families from Israel want to connect with families abroad.

The goals of “Our Mishpacha” are to strengthen the spirit and unity of the people, reinforce the bond between Israel and the diaspora, create relationships and companionship, and provide economic support to Israeli families.

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If you thought something on this form was unclear, or have other questions/comments, let us know! Each response is read individually.
You can also send questions to us@ourmishpacha.org

Please watch the video, and then read through the description on the next page.

"Am Yisrael Chai"
is not just a slogan, but a mission

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The Launch of OurMishpacha's Community

Sunday, April 14 – יום ראשון 14 באפריל


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