Uniting the Jewish People

5,000 Israeli families are waiting to connect with you

On October 14th, 2023, OurMishpacha embarked on a mission to facilitate meaningful and enduring connections with families abroad and in Israel.

Thousands have embraced our vision of unity.

We invite you to join OurMishpacha and the hundreds of participants.

We aim to bring together 20,000 families in 2024!

Our Partners

OurJewish Future, Connected

OurMishpacha recognizes the deep Jewish solidarity that exists between Jewish communities in Israel and around the world.

We can ensure the future of the Jewish people in a more unified way- by connecting groups of Jews in Israel and the Diaspora.

As of now, we have over 5,000 Israeli families ready to meet. Click below to join our family.

Easy Sign-Up & Matching

Once you sign up, a community coordinator will contact you and match you with an Israeli family. We take every precaution to ensure that both sides are comfortable meeting each other.

Full Support Through The Process

Your journey is never alone. Should you have any questions, your Israeli and American coordinators are there to help. You’ll receive weekly content and monthly contests, so your conversations go smoothly.

Imagine True Unity - Now Try It!

Get matched with a family and meet your “extended” family today.

OurMishpacha Purim Campaign

Send a Gift Package to Israeli Families on the Front Lines

Who We Are

We envision a future where the global Jewish community stands resilient, interconnected, and mutually empowered.

OurMishpacha connects thousands of Jewish families to form lasting relationships.

We provide support to our families through our coordinators in Israel and abroad.

A constant stream of content helps keep your connection strong.

Learn more here.

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Together, We Win!

As a Jewish family in the world, we are excited and grateful for the opportunity to feel closer to our dear brothers in Israel through our participation in this honorable project. This is a wonderful opportunity to support the beloved families who live in the Holy Land and to show solidarity as one community and one united nation in this difficult time.
Jordan Friedman
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The Launch of OurMishpacha's Community

Sunday, April 14 – יום ראשון 14 באפריל


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